About: Native American Student Association

The Native American Student Association was established in 2004, at Texas State University, to increase and promote awareness of Native American and other indigenous cultures and histories. The group strives to foster friendships with local communities and to address social justice issues within the Native American community.

Over the past 9 years, we have hosted our annual Pow Wow and many other unique events that help to create a strong image of Native American and Indigenous Peoples as not simply historical relics but a vibrant and exciting culture that very much exists today!

We hold Empowerment group meetings every Wednesday at 6pm in the USAC office, LBJSC 4-9.1, on the Texas State University – San Marcos campus and we are always looking for more folks to come be a part of the fun and excitement! Please contact our Faculty Advisors Faculty Advisor Roxana Tuff at rt15@txstate.edu for more information and meeting time and location. You can also check our home page to find out more about our next meeting.


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