9th Annual Celebration of the People Powwow



NOVEMBER 20, 2013  10-5PM


This year the Native American Student Association (NASA) will continue its fall “Celebration of the People” Powwow to promote Native American culture and diversity on the Texas State University campus. The Southern Drum, Bull Creek will be performing. Drumming, powwow singing and dancing, and flute music will all be part of the days events.Ten or more local and regional vendors will offer handmade Native American arts and crafts as part of the event. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the artists and vendors and to make new friends.Pauline Elmore will be vending Navajo frybread, Indian tacos, roasted green chili stew/blue corn tortillas and Navajo tea.The audience will be invited to participate in several intertribal dances.Blanket Dances will take place to raise money for the drum and to honor a chosen person.The Powwow will continue to raise awareness of Native Americans and their culture. There are over 4800 new students on campus this year and it’s likely many or most of those have never been to a Powwow event. The Powwow also shows support and increases participation of Native American students in campus events and with the Native American Student Association. It also fosters a community of support towards the Native culture and all indigenous students on campus. It heightens awareness of the richness of other cultures, helping bridge communication between peoples.This program will aspire to support our diverse new student populations, and in particular Native American students who are a very small, underrepresented, yet growing group on campus.This program will foster an environment that is safe, responsive, and supportive of a diverse community. Increased knowledge and retention of all diverse groups of students is our common goal.The event supports the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion departmental goal to “Provide culturally sensitive, holistic, academic and educational support services to underrepresented and first generation students.” And also supports the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion’s objective to “Maintain a high level of quality programming that will impact retention for first generation and underrepresented students.”

exhibition dance